Design Seva

"Be the Change you wish to see in this world" - Ghandi

In yogic tradition, "Seva" is a sanskrit term that translates to giving of yourself without expecting anything in return. It's selfless service. Imagine that each of us helps another with the talent that we bring to the world. We might all have what we need, and much more. With the introduction of social media and mobile technology, it seems that our culture is beginning to lose our sense of interconnectedness with each other. While our contacts and followers increase, our personal contact decreases. We want to bridge that gap, and use technology to help others. Maybe even bring folks closer together.

We're using an incredible service called Catch A Fire that matches ability with non-profit organizations in need of pro bono work. For our first project, we're designing a logo for an organization responsible for creating better outcomes for kids that have grown up in the foster system.

We are changing the lives of foster youth all over the country. Often invisible to others, we are empowering those who have experienced foster care to become leaders and advocates. We train them to speak out about their experiences and to work collaboratively with policymakers to change the system that raised them. Our members are passionate about helping their brothers and sisters to have better outcomes. And they want to give back.

National Foster Youth Action Network

Remarkably enough, these kids are being trained to help the coming generations. We think that's awesome. We're hoping that the work we do will create a ripple effect, expanding to help change the lives of others and maybe even inspire some people too.

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