The Project

Kabuto is the fastest, easiest, and safest way for teams to work together. Manage tasks, communicate with others, and share documents using a secure cloud environment. All of your files are accessible on all your devices. Imagine never missing an email, or losing a file again.

My Role

I worked on a design team that included the lead UX designer, a developer and another designer on their iPad, iPhone apps and Marketing websites. I also did some branding explorations for them early on in the project. I worked closely with the team over a span of four months on all of these projects.

The Design Challenges

One of the main challenges with this app is creating a consistent design and user experience throughout the mobile apps, desktop and all their marketing materials. They had the concept for the Web Application in place, so everything was built on top of that design and experience.

Branding Explorations

Kabuto had me do some brand exploration/sketching. Below are the results of the exercise. We eventually ended up taking the cloud mark out of the brand.

iOS App
iPad App
Marketing Website Moodboard
Marketing Website UI Exploration

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