The Project

Create a mobile first web application that tackles the recruitment process from job listing to the onboarding process of an employee. At Continu we explored some ideas around what a web application might look like in the space and tried to come up with an engaging UI/UX. The project ended up on hold as we flushed out the Informal Learning project that is also linked in my portfolio.

My Role

I was hired as the Lead UI/UX designer at Continu in 2014 and spent two and half years working closely with the CEO and Dev team to create web products for Learning, On-Boarding, Recruitment & Analytics for the modern workplace. The Recruit project was the first project at Continu that I explored with mobile first wireframes, useflows and some UI work and UX testing.

The Design Challenges

We faced alot of design challenges as a small team tackling products for the Human Resources market. We really wanted to deliver a user experience as well as user interface that does not exist in the HR space. The recruitment process currently consists of many steps and one of our main objectives was to simplify this process.

Recruit Product

Wireframes (Tablet)

We spent a good deal of time working in the wireframe stage of this project making sure the user experience and ideas around the application were appealing to HR executives doing hiring.

Mobile Design Mockups

Job Postings

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