The Project

Awesomeli is a social sharing app for recommendations within your network. Instead of sharing on multiple applications like facebook, twitter, etc you do it all in one single app. Our goal was to have a Minimal Viable Product that could be tested with real users and to start to build user generated content.

My Role

I was hired by Awesomli’s CEO to come in and do UI/UX design on the MVP. I worked with the founder and lead developer on UX Documentation, UI Design, Branding and more. I also helped out with Design QA on the launched product and took part in some user testing.

The Design Challenges

Create a Masonry-style layout where the content (recommendations) is the main focus of the application. The content is completely dependent on user contribution, so presenting the layout in a friendly way was of utmost importance. This was their MVP (Minimal Viable Product) so we wanted to take the UX and design in as any ways as the budget allowed, so we could then test with real users.

UI Exploration
Initial Concept
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